Wirreanda High School and St John's Grammar School began playing an annual cricket match in 2012 in commemoration of two students who represented their schools, and play A grade cricket in the S.A.C.A. grade competition. Ty Watson who was a student at St John's Grammar School, and Shaun Tanner who studied at Wirreanda High School are both honoured to be recognised by their respective schools for their cricketing achievements.

The first game between the two schools was played at Wirreanda High School in 2012.

 Ty Watson                                             Shaun Tanner

 Ty Watson completed year 12 at St John’s Grammar in 2005 after commencing his schooling in reception. He took up cricket at an early age and his highest scores at school were always retired at 50 so that other members of his team could be given a bat. However there was an occasion when, opening the bowling, Ty took a hat trick in the first over of the match. As well as school cricket, Ty was introduced to the Sturt District Cricket Club when in Year 6. He was able to work his way through all the grades and made his A grade debut in 2006/07 when his was 19 years old. During his time at Sturt, Ty trained with the Under 14 and Under 15 State Squads, played in two C grade premierships in 2005/06 and 2008/09 and is now currently a regular member of the A grade team where he is opening the batting.

A beautiful Ty Watson cover drive against Glenelg.

Ty has an interest in computer simulation of the environment with his main focus being groundwater. After finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in ocean and climate science, he followed it up with Honours in hydrogeology and is now completing a PhD in computer-based groundwater forecasting. His aim is to work as a consultant who specialises in water supply and environmental management.


 Ty Watson playing a sweep shot.

                                                                                                                                              Ty Watson attempting a run out. 

Shaun Tanner was a student at Wirreanda High School before moving to Southern District Cricket Club. He is currently the captain of the A grade team, having made the SACA Grade Team of the Year in 2010-11.

 Shaun Tanner bowling his left arm finger spin.