Adelaide Oval Excursion 2013

With The Ashes Test being staged in Adelaide starting on Thursday 5th December 2013, the Year 8, 9 and 10 Specialist Sport Cricket students visited the Adelaide Oval the day before play.
There was a good deal of excitement and cricket discussion as the students travelled by bus to the city. Once the group arrived at Adelaide Oval, they entered the new Southern Stand and made their way to the nets where the Australian team were preparing for the next day. The boys were in awe of the pace of the bowlers and the speed in which the Australian batsmen reacted to fast bowling. 
Unfortunately, the Australians had completed their fielding session on the oval, but most of the group spent a good deal of time admiring the beauty of the new stands and facilities. Most of the students had never been to Adelaide Oval previously.
The last part of the excursion involved visiting The Bradman Collection in the Southern Stand. There was a lot of interest in the articles of the museum that outlined the achievements of Sir Donald Bradman. However the part that caught everyone’s eye was a replica of the water tank that Bradman used to practise his skills with a golf ball and cricket stump. Most of the group attempted to try the drill that Bradman has mastered so successfully only to realise how difficult it was for them. 
Most of the students mentioned how they had enjoyed the experience and opportunity to visit Adelaide Oval.

Outside Adelaide Oval

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