Wirreanda travelled to Heathfield High for their annual Jake Brown-Sean Williams Challenge Trophy match. All of the three games played so far have been under cloudy conditions. Heathfield made 163 and Wirreanda 80, but the game was one of the most interesting with many unexpected events. 
The school oval is in one of the most picturesque settings with beautiful trees and views of the rural landscape. It is on a slope that drops significantly from one side to the other and there are many undulations that make the bounce of the ball unpredictable. During the fielding warm up most of the boys were having difficulty, with the balls bouncing in a manner in which they were not accustomed. There were a few sore hands and bruised legs.
However, when Wirreanda took the field they found that the ball was surprisingly landing safely in their hands when a well struck ball was heading in their direction. Tom Thomson took a magnificent catch at short cover off a well timed drive in the fourth over that gave the team a lot of confidence. The next incident was one of the most unusual ever witnessed on the cricket field. Jake Cuming bowled a delivery that hit the stumps, but instead of the bail falling immediately to ground, it was propelled into orbit and spinning ten metres vertically into the air before landing fifteen metres from the stumps. Connor Lock who was standing on the boundary near square leg observed this unusual occurrence. The next ball from Jake sent the stumps flying in an even more spectacular fashion than the previous delivery. Unfortunately the hat trick did not eventuate. 
The team bowled and fielded very well despite Heathfield scoring at four runs an over. There were seven catches taken with two each from Jake Moulder and Tom Thomson. Jake Cuming had his best career bowling figures of 3/24, while Tom Thomson took 3/23, and Connor Lock helped out with two wickets. Zach Young and Brody Thomson played their role with one wicket apiece.
When Zach Young and Brody Thomson opened the batting they were greeted with a barrage of fast bowling that often resulted in a thump to the upper leg which must have been quite painful. It was a courageous effort. They were both out after they had endured the difficult period, and when Connor Lock was dismissed without scoring, the team was in trouble at 3/9. Bodie Sowter joined Tom Thomson at the crease and he decided that the best way to handle the fast bowling was to attack. He hit a number of lightening square cuts that sped to the boundary before his innings came to an end when he attempted a similar shot only to be caught at short third man. Tom Thomson then took over from Bodie and hit the ball to all parts of the ground for a well-made 23.  Jake Cuming contributed 10 runs before he was bowled by a ball that swung around his legs. Tom was the player of the match with 3 wickets, two catches and top score. 
During the Wirreanda innings a number of Heathfield students were involved in some good natured and witty banter that had a Calypso flavour and was entertaining to all who were present. A thank you must go to Richard Hore who was the scorer in this game. 

Richard Hore(scorer), Zach Young, Jake Moulder, Connor Lock, Brody Thomson, bodie Sowter, Tom Thomson,
Jake Cuming, Michael Hirschausen, Connor Panozzo, Casey Chester(captain), Jackson Willoughby, Corey McGill.

Zach Young bowling, Brody Thomson at mid-off.

Connor Lock in follow through, Bodie Sowter at mid-wicket. 

Nice bowling action from Jake Cuming.

 Jake Cuming takes his second wicket in a spectacular fashion.

Bodie Sowter playing his signature cut shot.

Stumps flying for Corey McGill.

Tom Thomson hitting out during his innings of 23.

Jake Cuming defending solidly.

Tom Thomson walking off after his being dismissed for the team top score.

Jake Cuming unsure how the ball bowled him around his legs.

Picturesque setting of the Heathfield High School Oval.