The first of the Jake Brown-Sean Williams Challenge Trophy games was played at Heathfield High on Friday 30th November.
With a good deal of overnight rain and a cloudy morning, the team were not sure of the conditions that awaited them at Heathfield.
On arrival to the school, the boys noticed a big puddle of water on the oval. One of them suggested that some serious sweeping would be required. However the Heathfield High coach instructed the team to move through several paddocks to the town oval. This was an impressive venue with a grandstand, fencing and magnificent surrounding views. The only obstacle was a puddle of water and mud at the northern end of the pitch in the area where the bowler ran through, as well as where the wicket keeper needed to stand. The Heathfield boys assured everyone that is was not a problem-everyone would bowl from the same end.

Heathfield won the toss and decided to bat. Wirreanda took an early wicket when James Shugg took a very clever catch from Richard Hore. However the next two batsmen took the attack apart and were not separated until they both retired with scores of over 50. They kept hitting the ball over a fence that required the entire team to act a search party to find the ball in heavy bushes. Once again the locals assured everyone that this was not a regular occurrence. There was a good fight back from Wirreanda with a number of wickets falling in the last five overs. Liam Hennessy finished with 3/32, Alfredo Cabada 2/4 and James Shugg took three very handy catches. The wet conditions did not help the bowlers or fielders who were affected by the slippery ball.
Heathfield batted very well to finish on 7/202 after their allocated 34 overs.
After the innings change over, the oval was busked in pleasant sunshine for Wirreanda's turn to bat. Addison Rodgers was able to move the innings along at a rapid rate with his usual lusty hitting and finished with 17. Chad Thomson scored 5 before Josh Golding and Damian Merritt started to build the innings again. However Wirreanda could not increase the run rate to a level that would allow the 202 to be chased down. Damian Merritt made a well compiled 22. Richard Hore was 16 not out, while Josh Golding finished on 49 not out after he struck a three on his last scoring shot only to have one short recorded against his total. The final total of 3/115 was 87 runs short of the required score.  
A special thanks must go to Richard, our bus driver from Willunga Charter, who not only entertained the team by playing good music, putting the Test cricket on and taking the occasional wrong turn, but also for doing a great job in scoring for the entire day.