Chad Thomson, Alfredo Cabada, Addison Rodgers, Josh Golding, Kalem Greenwood, Warren Schutt, Angus Lock(scorer)
Richard Hore, Rehn Wishart, James Shugg, Bailey Sowter, Liam Hennessy, Damian Merritt.


The Year 10 boys travelled to Brighton Secondary School for their third round Twenty/20 game on 8th March.
Addison Rodgers won the toss and chose to bat first, but Wirreanda were soon in trouble at 3/14 by the sixth over. After a small recovery the score moved steadily to 32 after ten overs with another two wickets falling. James Shugg joined Josh Golding at the crease and both batsmen started to take control while adding 30 for the sixth wicket. James, being the dominant partner, changed the momentum of the game by scoring a well struck 22 runs from 19 balls. Thereafter, Chad Thomson(12 not out) and Kalem Greenwood(5) played a couple of cameo innings that took the score to 8/96. Although Josh Golding scored 23 from 18 overs, the importance of his innings cannot be undervalued.
The Brighton team were under immediate pressure when Josh Golding dismissed their opening batsman in the first over. However the game appeared to be slipping away from Wirreanda as Brighton moved to 1/36 in the seventh over. A magnificent catch by Kalem Greenwood at gully, followed by another two balls later from Chad Thomson, gave Wirreanda another momentum shift. Liam Hennessy came on to bowl the ninth over and immediately picked up two wickets from successive balls leaving Brighton on 4/43. A few small partnerships developed and the score slowly crept towards the required total. Bailey Sowter took a magnificent catch off Warren Schutt to remove the opening batsman who scored 51. The score was 9/94 with Richard Hore required to bowl the last over.
The first delivery was a wide-9/95. The second delivery was lobbed up in the air towards short mid-on where Warren Schutt had to run four metres to take the catch. He unfortunately dropped it. Brighton were 9/96 with scores now tied. The third delivery was dropped by Josh Golding who was doing his stint behind the stumps. No run. The fourth delivery was hit behind square leg and both batsmen took off for the winning run. Bailey Sowter picked up the ball cleanly, threw it to Josh Golding who removed the bails to see the last batsman out with both teams on 96!
The result needed to be decided by a 'bowl off', where both teams had to alternately have one bowler attempt to hit the stumps. Brighton took the first bowl and missed, Richard Hore missed Wirreanda's first. The same result occurred on the second delivery with James Shugg missing the target. Brighton missed the third, but Addison Rodgers made it 1-0 after three. Brighton and Warren Schutt missed the fourth, but Brighton hit their last, 1-1. The pressure was on Josh Golding to hit the stumps. Players from both teams watched with bated breath as Josh came in for the final delivery. He released the ball with his usual action and it appeared to take an eternity in reaching the other end before the familiar click of ball hitting the stumps ensured that Wirreanda had won the closest of contests.
The team are to be congratulated on a magnificent effort in which they displayed that a result can be achieved by continuing to strive for success until the final delivery.
Well done to all players and to Angus Lock in his first effort scoring for the school team.